On the plane again

It is time to do another trip. Instead of going to the Spanish language side of this continent, I am going to fly west, to the lands of the fragrant harbor and tsunami sirens. This may be one of the last trips that I may be doing for awhile, if the current economic crisis does not improve.

I am all packed and ready. It seems that my luggage is lighter every time that I travel. Maybe I am now used to the global economy. No need to carry that many things since Americana is available worldwide.

Talking about Americana, I am also glad that I’ll be in distant shores from the overheated political and economic landscapes. I already voted for the future U.S. president. So, it will be nice to unwind oneself with the winds of the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea.

On that note, I’ll let the gentle hands of 全日空‘s Club ANA carry me with her Suntory dreams. Hai!


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