Sipping scotch on the big plane


[NOTE: The stuff below was written while I was in the plane,  on a delusional state. I am writing now from ANA’s lounge in Narita. The rising sun is setting and it is time for more sake. Cheers]

So, I am now on ANA’s 777 on the way to the land of the rising sun. Business class is sparsely populated, unlike United, where all seats are taken. The seat is a little bit hard, and like all Japanese video games, it has too many control options. I feel like that I need a manual in order to learn how many functions I can do.

So now, I am on my first scotch on the rocks. Thank you Suntory whiskey.

…I am now halfway across the Pacific. It is around this time that the brain gets mushy and everything becomes surreal. The seat continues to be hard but I found the comfort zone. I don’t care about the foot rest. It makes you feel like you are standing on something.

On other notes, meal service was superb. The Japanese meal was quite high quality. It helped that I had a serving of sake and was charming the stewardess out of her shoes. Who said that I am only male oriented?

So, now I am going through some of the .pdf files that I swear to read on this trip. It is kind of scary taking this trip while the whole world seems to go on an economic meltdown. Who knows what kind of America I’ll be returning to? In any event, I hope that by the time I return, it is going to be an Obama America. Interesting times, interesting history.

[NOTE: Here are a couple of pictures of my debauchary today:}


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