When memories crashes with reality

It has been more than thirty years since I knew the guy with whom I had a huge crush during my high school years. Although my memory is fading away, I still have vivid memories of those years when the body is full of hormones and passion was filled with dreams unfulfilled.

So, yesterday I had a dinner date with the sweetheart of my high school years. We had not been in touch for a long while and I was looking forward to retouching part of my ghost’s past. I met him at the appointed time outside the subway station. I must say that time and life has eroded him. While the spirit of the self seems to be still intact, the spirit of the erotic is long gone. Now, it is just two old friends talking and remembering that distant past; a past that is no longer around.

That made me brings up memories of all that has happened through my life. Mostly, happy memories. Do I regret doing some of the stuff that I did? No. Will I do them again if I am given a second chance? Definitely. On that note, onto new adventures.


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