Getting rid of another phobia

Hello again from sunny Phuket. Today was the first day that I felt I was in Santo Domingo. Why? The whole Patong town had a long, long electrical blackout. It was something like five hours. I would not know, since I took a speed boat tour to a couple of nearby islands. This time, I got wise. Instead of taking one of those day long hours with lots of other people, I decided to take a half-hour tour. Just a small speed launch with about 10 passengers.

Now, what was the phobia that I described in my title heading? As some of you guys know, I am actually afraid of water. I barely know how to swim. So, for a long long time, I looked longingly to others who went to snorkel. So, that is what I did. I rested in the comfort of a floating vest. But otherwise, I went into the water without even knowing how to utilize the snorkel. And this was in the middle of the ocean. I am glad that I did it, because the view of the coral was breathless. Even better, we had pieces of bread to feed the fish. Amazing the amount of these little creatures that swam around me.

So now that I did the snorkeling, my next phobia to conquest is heights. Huh!


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