A change of plans…Onto the Deep South

[NOTE: I posted the following during a bus stop. Who would have thought that WIFI exist in some of the Thai bus stops]

I am writing this while riding the bus from Phuket to Hatyai. What? I am getting crazy? Going to territory where Muslim extremists are active?

Well, it did not turn out as planned. My Thai companion and I were originally planning on a trip to Nakhon si Sammarat, the big city north of the Deep South. However, the bus schedule that was given to us was actually the weekday schedule. Not the weekend schedule. So, when we arrived at the bus station in Phuket, we realized that the next bus to Nakhon Si Sammarat was a few hours away. Being bored and not knowing what to do next, we decided to check what other buses were leaving earlier. Hence, the bus to Hatyai.

I was actually a bit more concerned than my Thai companion. However, he did not think much about it. So, here we are on the slow first class bus going to the Deep South. Another day, another adventure.


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