Alive in Hatyai

Hello everyone. Just a short post to report that I am alive in Hatyai, Thailand. It was a long bus trip from Phuket. So much for first class air-conditioned bus. From my understanding, first class buses do not stop en route between the cities. It seems that this does not apply to buses that travel among the provinces.

Anyway, I did make it to Hatyai. Unlike what is being reported in the news, everything is peaceful. Somehow, I got the impression that I’ll be reaching a border town with heavy military patrol. Well, it feels like I stumble into a mini Bangkok, or a bigger Bangkok Chinatown. There are nary of people with Caucasian profiles. Instead, everything seems to be either Chinese or Thai. Well, mostly Chinese.

The hotel where we are staying, the Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel, feels like the typical tall building hotel in Thailand. Everything looks huge from the outside, but the room is showing signs of wear and tear. So, what is new, right?

I am glad to be here. We should be doing a tour of the city and nearby Songkhlan city tomorrow. Then onto Nakhon Si Thammarat.


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