All men are the same

Hello again from Hatyai city. It is now Tuesday morning and fog is still enveloping the whole city. Yesterday was a day of continuous rain. It did not start that way. So, early morning, my Thai travel companion and I decided to venture out to Songklan city, the nearby seaside town. It is not that far away; kind of like a suburb of Hatyai.

It was when deciding how to get there that my Thai travel companion exhibited all the tendencies that are typical of all males worldwide. Like my partner at home, he refused to ask for directions. First, he said he was afraid that the taxi drivers in front of the hotel would take advantage of us. Second, he started making assumptions as to how the transportation system in Hatyai works. He thought that Hatyai is a typical Thai city where public transportation moves along a main road. So, he took one look at the map and found where the main road to Songklan city is situated. It was not that far from the hotel. So, we walked over there.

I should have realized that we were not in the right place because the street is actually very nice, with trees planted in the middle. Although there was traffic moving along it, we only saw one public bus in the matter of half an hour.

So, after waiting for 45 minutes or so, I told him that this was not working. We crossed the street and hailed a tut tut to take us to the bus station. My assumption was that, at least, at the bus station, there should be enough information to help us go to our destination. So, yes, over there we found that there is transportation to Songklan city. However, and this is what my Thai companion was amazed with, is that the bus terminal is shared with minibuses. So, we had the selection of the slow bus or the faster minibus. But where was the minibus? Several persons pointed to several different locations. We finally managed to find the minibus. On the way out of town, it was driving along the commercial road out of town, not the nice road we were waiting on originally.

So, that is it. My Thai companion is not different than any other male in this universe. Asking for directions is a no no.

The rest of the day? It was not much of the day because we got wet from one rain storm after another.


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