Alone and last night in Phuket

It has been a couple of days that I haven’t posted. I am glad that I am back in Phuket, where the sun seems to be eternal. The sun, however, has not been able to remove my cough. So, one morning, out of being awake, I decided to haul myself to the local hospital – Patong Hospital. It is quite modern but geared for the masses. On one side, you sign up and get your hospital card, then you wait for the nurse to call you to check your vital signs, then you wait for the doctor. The doctor is quite young and after a couple of questions, he filled out a prescription, and off you go to the pharmacy to collect and pay. The medication was nothing out of the ordinary; the typical cough syrup, actifed, codeine pills, and some kind of tylenor substitute. Something that I could have done by myself at the pharmacy. At least the bill was not bad, just 500 Baht for the examination. The medication was about 30 Baht. Still, when your sore throat is due to a viral infection, there is really no much one can do.

The highlight of these last few days was the arrival of my niece and her husband. This is their first time in this country and they were wide-eye open regarding everything. I basically gave them a couple of tips as to how to negotiate, took them to a tour of the nearby islands, and found them a taxi for the airport. Apparently, they looked rich enough that the local touts refused to negotiate with them. So, this is one of the times when an exotic uncle can be handy. As for whether they asked anything about my Thai travel companion? No one word. Is this their version of “don’t ask, don’t tell?”

Anyway, just a few more hours and back into the safe hands of the metal birds.

Satwatdee Krup everone.


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