At Phuket’s airport, ready for the long long way home

Last night my throat gave up and I am without my voice. So, it is kind of scary to be in total silence but for the occassional flare up of cough. I would say that, but for the throat infection, this trip was as successful as it could have been. I did not think that the Monsoon season on the east side of the country would be so strong. So, everyone, don’t go to the east side during this time of the year. I promise you’ll get drenched in water.

During one of my semi conscious moments, I happened to stumble upon the tv broadcast of the funeral rites given to the late sister of the current King of Thailand. It was quite a surreal process, where the body was encased inside a hurn and paraded standing up around. Then there was the music that accompanied the procession. Some flute sound with a wailing, mournful melody. The whole process was well, well overdone IMHO. But then, royal ceremonies over here seem to top any other ceremonies for royalties around the world. I don’t think that I would like to see myself burned in such a way. Just looking at the smoke shooting sideways makes for some uneasiness.

Well, that is that. Right now, I am enjoying the quietness of the Royal Silk lounge at Phuket’s airport. It is a long treck back home. Hopefully, my throat won’t wake up that many fellow passengers. I even bought surgical mask for the occasion.


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