Sipping Scotch again…Not sure when I can do this again

It is Monday night and I am flying in the darkness of the South China Sea, heading east. Heading back home, finally. The Singapore girls and boys are quite efficient but like everything in this world, the plane is showing its age. I would say that ANA’s seats are a little bit nicer, but that is just a feeling.

In the meantime, I am sipping Scotch whiskey again. Forget sore throat. Better make this whole trip a worthwhile experience. Though, in fairness to all my other fellow passengers, I did buy a couple of face masks just to assure everyone that I am not out trying to infect them with whatever virus that got into my body.

This trip may be the last one of my “hopping around the world” trip. With the situation of the financial markets, I better be prudent with the money that I got. But thinking just right now about this makes me realize how much of an herb mentality we all got. As much as we all want to be individualistic and follow our dreams, in the end we tend to migrate together. We are the market, after all.

I was away when president elect Obama got to enjoy his victory. I was away when the Down Jones swayed up and down like a dingy in a crazy sea. And guess what? I did not feel anything of that. Instead, I was worried more about how to reach to the next exotic (in my view) Thai town or which bar to go to. I must say that living in Thailand is easy, if you got the money. But money does seem to make things easy. It is just that it is a little bit easier in Thailand.

So, on that thought, maybe I should make my life even easier than what is now. Oh, yes, Dominican guy left message. Let’s see, Internet café got hit by Dominican mafia?

[Some time later….later, like being sucked into a time warp] I do admire how the stewardess and stewards work through these shifts. It seems to be a never ending flight. My coughing does not help. I am grateful though, that I did not get a seat mate. So, how about that, business class in Singapare Airlines with that extra space. Looking at how bad I feel right now, I wonder how I ever survived travelling in cattle class. Those must have been years of youthful energy. Now, even travelling in business class is a chore. Given the situation, I wonder whether I will ever do these long distance trips again.


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