I don’t know how I survived

154581933_7b4ac262d2It is week two of the respiratory illness that I seem to have picked up some place in Thailand. I just came back from a second visit to the doctor and this time, he prescribed some antibiotics. I hope this works because I have felt miserable during the last week or so. It is no fun when your cough seems to go on and on and on…

On other news, I discovered that the fastest way to remove people from my presence is to wear a surgical mask. People will right away make a belt way around you. Want to be a pariah, wear a mask. Nothing better to tell the rest of the world that you may be carrying some kind of exotic disease. Specially, when you already look like an exotic bird.

So, what am I thinking right now? Well, assuming President-elect Obama pushes that huge stimulus of his, then I should be back on track to continue on my wandering ways around the world. Let’s see, I got enough mileage for a free ticket to Miami. The whole Latin gangway is open again for my travails. Huh, huh.


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