My saga with the cash rebate program

microsoft-signSome of you know that Microsoft, in its effort to gain traffic for its search engine, offers rebates when a customer orders products from participating retailers. Once a purchase is made, the customer waits a while to receive the rebate in his or her account and then has the option of getting a paper check or a credit with PayPal.

The process takes a long time. makes you wait like two months before you get the rebate credited in your account. Well, I tried the system and purchased a computer from a participating retailer. It seems to work, I got the rebate in my account, and then requested a paper check. states that it had sent the check.

The problem? I haven’t received the check. So, after two weeks, I sent them an Email, through its webpage, about the issue. does not provide a phone number. Email is the only way that you can reach them. Anyway, here is what I wrote:

“My cashback summary shows that a $XX cashback check was rewarded on November 7, 2008. It is now December 1, 2008 and I have not received the check.
The $XX was for a purchase I made at J&R Music and Computer World.”

I waited for about two weeks, and this is what I received via Email:

“We apologize for our delay in responding to your issue. After investigating your cashback payment in the amount of $XX, we are showing that it has been paid by paper check. We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout our research process. Based on this resolution, your incident will now be closed. “

What? That was the reason why I emailed originally, that is, I have not received the check. The moral of the story? Don’t bother asking for a paper check if you want to utilize’s cash rebate program. It is better to ask for a credit to your PayPal account.


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