What is that saying? Fool me once is your fault, fool me twice is…

art_obama_warren_giI believe enough is enough. I don’t know what President elect Obama is thinking nowadays. Awhile ago, I was a bit skeptical about his message of change. Change to what? I asked. It wasn’t specific at all. But given the climate of the current administration, anything but the Republicans was better. So, what happens?

A look at the selection of the cabinet members shows that he is tilting towards a Center-Right governing mode. Is he thinking that by doing so, he may increase his chances for the next re-election? Whatever. But I have not been happy at how he seems to be leading the country. I don’t see any vision of change, but a return to Bill Clinton’s way of governing. Not that I see anything negative with what President Clinton did.

Anyway, I think I reached the end of my patience when President elect Obama invited evangelical pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation. Of all the religious leaders in this country, he decided to invite a minister who opposes any human rights for gay and lesbian people. On that note, I went to Mr. Obama’s website and unsubscribed myself from his list. It looks like he does not need me for further donations.


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