Cyberspace funeral tributes

In this world where we sulf interconnected digital bytes, we stumble upon stories that make our hearts skip a bit from time to time. This surfer traveller of yours somehow stumble upon the following video tribute. It is about the death of a young Brazilian whose life was taken in the endless violence that has is typical of urban settings. This is nothing new and not specific to a particular society. But sometimes, tributes like this make me reflect on how lucky some of us are.

For more information about the author of this video clip, check his blog here.


How to drink for free at a gay bar in Panama

Hello everyone. Your intrepid writer is right now in Panama City, recovering from a slight hangover. At least mine is slight; not like the one of my Panamenian friend, who threw up whatever he ate – to the chagrin of the taxi driver.

So, last night we went (all four of us) to a bar calle BLG. Don´t really know the address but you guys can google it. The trick of drinking for free at the gay bars in Panama is to look at the web announcements (I believe the website is Then, like other cities, you check which bar announces free entrance (that is without cover charge). They all seem to have the same policy, free entrance before 11pm. The trick is to figure out which bar will be more popular on that night.

There is basically two bars, LIPS and BLG. If you time it right, you can have free entrance and free drinks for the whole night. Obviously, there are a lot of Panamenians who cruise the website, looking for a good deal. This also means that there will be a lot of young guys in those days.

Anyway, my Panamenian friend had been working a lot. So, he decided to party hard too. The end result is some messy stuff along a Panamenian road. On that note, I better go and take a rest for tonight.