Was having a nice day until an email from the past spoiled it all

I thought I had nothing to write today. Just relax, take a hike up a nearby trail. However, the best laid plans can be thrown asunder. When I checked my inbox this afternoon, someone from my past sent me the following:

siempre te recuerdo

tus susurros a mi oido
tu cuerpo exitado
tus labios besandome
tus manos tocandome

 How do I respond to that?  For a second, I thought of replying to him, saying how happy I was that he remembered me. Then, as introspection descended, I realized that nothing has changed. All the reasons why I stopped communicating with him are still there. Money. I remembered that those words were exactly the same words he sent me in another email a long time ago. Can’t he be a bit more creative than that?

As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well….

Y para mi querido, te doy esto para que te diviertes. Se que estas muy cansado.


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