Nicky and her Latin boytoy

Ricky_Martin_-_Enrique_Martin_Morales_Puerto_Rican_pop_singer_(Pop,_pop-rock,_Latin_pop,_dance-pop,_world-reggae,_contemporary_R_and_B)One of the highlights of the modern Internet age is that you never die so long as there is a record about you in a corner of Cyberspace. So, here I come again, writing about a dead person I knew a long time ago. If I Google her name, her 10 years old obituary shows up. I may as well write my short recollections of her here.

Nicky (not her real name) was an ash blond attorney in her early 40s when I first met her. She was a single mom whose son was almost leaving the nest. So, Nicky was fully devoted to her career, being an attorney. She was a sole practitioner who concentrated her practice on poor immigrants. As such, her income fluctuated with their finances. But no matter what, she radiated energy, always active, always with a zeal for the next case or project.

Her private life was no different. During the short time that I knew her, she had a Latin lover by the name of Juan (or Roberto, my memories fades). Let’s stick with Juan. Juan was a charming 20-something man of Mexican origin. As hot as a chili pepper, and with a passion to match. If you could dream of a Latino lover, Juan was it. I could see why Nicky was so passionate with him. She was basically the outline for the sitcom Cougar Town. Unlike the character in Cougar Town, Nicky’s relationship with Juan was also highly strung. In between the high intensities of love, there were also fights that only people involved with Latin lovers would know. There was also alcohol…and I think it was that substance that destroyed Nicky. I believe she became more and more dependent on that drug to calm her high spirits. I don’t really know what happened between her and Juan. The obituary did not mention him at all.

Y para mi querido, como ya llego a mi Otoño, hay veces que pienso que soy un viejito verde. Pero siempre serás el Latinito de mi corazon.


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