Writing for the sake of writing

alienI am writing this without a specific theme. Just thought I should exercise my fingers. Don’t we all have days when we feel restless, full of energy, but can’t concentrate on a specific subject or project? This is one of those days.

Most of my other posts, although without depth, have some specific topic in mind. Today, I just thought I’ll let my fingers do the writing. My outer life has been quite secure, without the extreme mood changes that befall some of my friends. However, my inner life is full of emotions. Contradictions? Maybe.

On one hand, I am the perfect postal boy for what is perfect in this world. On the other hand, I feel a revolution trying to push itself out of my body. What was the name of that movie? Oh, yes, Alien. Unlike Alien, it is not some disgusting creature trying to come out of the bowels of my body. It is me.

I know that not many people in cyberspace read this blog, and I don’t expect that. It is after all, the writings of someone without a direction. Successful blogs center around a specific topic or show creative nuances with the written word. I doubt mine has any of that. What I have been using this blog for is to expose my brain to anyone who cares to read them. A kind of the diaries of Christopher Isherwood. Unlike him, I am a total lightweight.

On that note, better take a shower and face a new day…and something from a far, away time:


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