My first Ebay sale and it has become an adventure

antarctica1Given the state of the economy and feeling a bit poor, I decided to sell one of my cameras that have been collecting dust. I had never used Ebay to sell stuff, but just to buy stuff. So, it has been a learning experience on my part as to how to list the item, how to track the auction, how to link the auction to PayPal, how to answer the endless inane questions. Ordinary matters, right?

Well, yes and no. I had been careful as to who can bid, requiring confirmed PayPal address and other prior auction activities. After all that, the highest bidder had a stellar record, with 100% positive feedback. So, I send him an invoice and waited for payment to my PayPal account.

Soooo? Nothing happened for one day. Rather than just wait, I decided to message the potential buyer and said that I am willing to cancel the transaction and I gave him a deadline so that I can start requesting Ebay for a credit for my fees. Well??? When I was away from home, I got an Email from PayPal on my mobile phone stating that I was paid and gave me an address to ship. So, ok, I went ahead and shipped it.

This is when the fun starts. I return home and check my Ebay account. There is a message from the buyer. He apologized for not communicating earlier because…he was on his way to Antarctica. Instead of his home address, he wants me to send it all the way to the South Pole. Darn! I just sent the package based on the email from PayPal. But, I decided to make an extra effort (this guy is in Antarctica, no?) and returned to the post office to check if I can retrieve back the package. Interestingly, I was able to do so. My partner was also surprised. Maybe this works in small town post offices, where everyone knows everyone. I doubt that would happen in a big city post office.

So, I hope the buyer enjoys the camera. It seems this camera, which I had already taken to exotic tropical countries, will continue its own adventures. But in a slightly colder environment.